Vegetation V5 Addon – Blender Tree plant and shrub

Vegetation V5 Addon – Blender Tree plant and shrub


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Vegetation v5 – Blender Tree Addon is a most complete tool for trees, plant, shrub for Blender.

NEW VERSION V5.1 january 2023

Addon for Blender 3.2+ and more, work with Eevee and Cycles. More than 264 species, +900 variations, 4 season, animated tree, photorealistic asset, PBR Ready, optimized for Blender. Pefect for Archviz, designer and CgArtist.

   made in france blender

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Tree Vegetation is an addon for Blender 3.2+ and more. Compatible with Eevee and Cycles. It contains a big library of diverse and varied plants, trees, shrubs, tropical plants, tree hedges, ornamental plants… Thanks to the addon one click is enough to create a realistic plant.

The incredible 4 seasons function allows you to create landscapes under the snow or in summer, but also autumn and spring. It’s the most realistic 3d models ever created close to the real ones. They were created using different techniques: 3D scanning, photogrammetry, classical modeling, use of HD and PBR textures for incredible renderings in seconds. You can also make animation with branches and leaves. Add more moss to your trees… But above all, this library is optimized for Blender.

And we are still working hard on the project, we will bring new vegetation to life regularly; but also new features, trees and assets.



Animated tree !

Make the branches of the tree move, but also the leaves thanks to the animation functions! With a few clicks create incredible animations of trees and manage the force of the wind or use the presets included in the addon.

animated tree blender

animated tree blender

easy ADDON

An easy-to-learn interface, Built for maximum productivity and speed. Without compromising on quality! A dedicated add-on to manage your trees and plants.

Snap tree to ground

Thanks to our “snap to ground” tool, Place your 3D assets directly on the surface of your ground. It is magic !

4 Seasons

This is the most amazing feature! Import each plants and trees in the season you want. 4 times more possibility with incredibly realistic and professional shaders.

Randomize season

The “random season” feature. each tree will have its own shade. If you create a forest in Winter and increase the “random season” slider you will have trees from late fall, early winter, mid-winter and late winter. It’s the same for all seasons! With just one tree you can create a completely customized and unique forest.

Image by Foppe 3D

Infinite variation

Every time you import a plant into Blender you get a different 3D model. The size, position and color are different each time. With a single tree model, you can create an entire forest without ever having the same tree twice! That’s the beauty of it!

moss to your trees

Add moss to the trunk of your trees. A perfect solution to customize your landscape and make your tree unique. It is available in your trunk shader.

dirt and moss in your rock

The Rock shader allows you to customize the rocks. Add dirt, or moss. adjust the intensity, direction or add snow, it’s magic!

Make your own creations

Why would we only use one type of pot with one kind of plant all the time? With the Vegetation addon you can choose your flower pot, and put the plant you want inside. the possibilities become endless!

Highly realistic 3D model

Vegetation trees are top-notch. Models optimized for Blender but with a controlled polygon count. Incredible render and photorealist in seconds. Ideal for archviz, design and other CGartists.

PBR texture ready

PBR textures for Blender: diffuse, Translucent, roughness, normal or bump map, ambient occlusion, opacity with sometimes textures up to 8k!

Vegetation is optimized for Blender and the textures as well. the most visible elements keep a very good quality of rendering. small details are optimized to take as little memory as possible. A perfect combination to have speed during 3D rendering and incredible quality.

Vegetation Pack

Vegetation exists for all budgets! A Lite version with around 40% of the assets and all the features of the addon. and a Pro version with 100% of the assets and also all the features of the addon. A perfect production tool for Archviz, designer, and other 3D artists.

Lite : About 40% of all models  | Pro : Full collection 100% of asset

Real size tree

All trees are to scale in Blender! you just have to add your tree and place it in your landscape, the size is realistic.

Optimized for Blender

Providing high-quality trees is easy. With very large textures, lots of polygons. But what good is it if no one can use them with a “basic” computer? With vegetation, we have optimized EVERYTHING for Blender, textures, shaders, as well as mesh. Optimized loading time – Fast rendering – Photorealistic quality.

Asset library in Vegetation

226 assets and 751 variations for amazing creation in Blender

Vegetation Artwork for Archviz, Designer, CGArtist and more

We support the Blender Foundation !

We love Blender! We would like to participate in its development. We donate part of the earnings to the Blender Foundation for its growth!

Additional information


Pack Pro – 100% of asset, Pack Lite – About 40% of asset

Installation and tutorial


What about evergreen plants?

We preferred to ignore this constraint in order to be able to offer a greater variety of trees. Each tree is available in all four seasons, meaning four times the possibilities!

Why is the render in spring different in Cycles and Eevee?

This is a special feature of our Shader. The “Spring” function allows you to remove leaves from the tree. However, this feature is only compatible with Cycles. This gives you more realism, as in spring there are fewer leaves – this explains the difference in leaf density between Cycles and Eevee in spring.

What size is each asset?

It’s hard to say as they are all different, but they are all between 30 and 100MB.

What is the overall size of Vegetation?

5 Go for the Pro version

2 Go for the Lite version


Royalty Free License

The Royalty Free license grants you, the purchaser, the ability to make use of the purchased product for personal, educational, or commercial purposes as long as those purposes do not violate any of the following:

  •  You may not resell, redistribute, or repackage the purchased product without explicit permission from the original author

  • You may not use the purchased product in a logo, watermark, or trademark of any kind

    • Exception: shader, material, and texture products are exempt from this rule. These products are much the same as colors, and such are a secondary meaning and may be used as part of a logo, watermark, or trademark.

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  1. Parfait !

  2. Very good éven if i don t understand how change color of végétation cause it s little too saturâte for’me

  3. Super !

  4. I like how easily it is to make trees.

  5. Highly recommended.

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